About Lincoln Phifer

Lincoln Phifer is a real estate investor. His company specializes in buying homes through Lease Purchases and other creative forms of buying houses. The companies objective is to create a win-win-win situation for the seller, the buyer and L.P.P. He is very knowledgeable in his field and he do deals across the U.S. If you want to sell your house quickly, Lincoln Phifer Properties is the way to go!

We are Lincoln Phifer Properties. We buy homes on Lease Purchases from sellers who want to get FULL PRICE in this market and dont want to pay two mortgages (the home they are living in and the one they are selling). I find the right tenants by fully screening them, helping them with credit restoration and qualifying them for a home!

You dont have to worry about paying commission, maintenance on the home or damage to your property.


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Available Properties

1019 Vallette St New Orleans, LA

2316 Allen St New Orleans, LA 


    1871 N. Evelena   Ft Myers, FL

A Better Way of Home Buying/Selling

We buy homes through Lease Purchases. A lease purchase is when we put a qualified tenant/buyer in your home and lease it for 6 to 24 months, then pay you full price. In the mean time, they pay you rent(cashflow), handle all the day to day maintenance and prepare themselves to buy your home. You pay no commission.
​No commission
Get full asking price
Have a qualified Tenant/Buyer within 45 days
Don't worry about repairs

Understanding Lease Purchasing

We present a monthly lease amount as a pre-determined sale price that is agreed to by all parties. A Lease Purchase is basically a monthly lease set up over a pre-determined period of time. At the end of that time, we purchase the home from you for whatever the pre-determined price is.

Basic Principles:

  • You rent to Lincoln Phifer Properties
  • You give L.P.P the right to buy your property for a set price
  • L.P.P. places a tenant/buyer in your property
  • The tenant/buyer recieves the right to buy the property
  • We don't make money off you,we make money from the tenant/buyer
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